Fall Head Over Heels with Our Aviator Furniture Range at Riverwalk Furniture

Do you love flying and all things aviation? Then you must be a massive fan of aviator furniture! As the latest furniture trend to hit the home and décor scene, not only has aviator furniture gone mainstream, but this unique and trendy furniture style can now be found in homes and businesses throughout South Africa.

So What’s Aviator Furniture All About?

Inspired by all things military and aerodynamic from World War II, as well as driven by a passion for traditional handcraftsmanship and a fearless quest for innovation, aviator furniture brings the skies into homes and businesses. A vintage furniture style that perfectly combines historical aviation and modern manufacturing techniques to create true masterpieces, aviator furniture is either made of disassembled or reclaimed aircraft parts, or it is reminiscent of the runways.

A daring and authentic furniture style that features multi-riveted construction that showcases sleek, aerodynamic lines, aged metals, spitfire finishes, distressed leather finishes, and interlocking aluminium panels that boast intentional nicks, dings, small scratches and other imperfections, this furniture style can transform just about any setting into a stylish, trendy space.

The Leading Trendsetters of Aviator Furniture
If you love aerodynamics and aviation as much as we do, then you’re going to go crazy over our aviator furniture range at Riverwalk Furniture. Renowned for pushing boundaries, and driving innovation and design forward by only showcasing the latest and the very best, we are a furniture supplier, importer and trendsetter that brings a variety of furniture styles to the South African market at competitive prices, including the ever-so-popular aviator furniture range.

About our Aviator Furniture Range

Influenced greatly by the past and the future, we have taken aviator furniture to the next level and offer an exceptional range of designer accent pieces that will fit flawlessly with your space, décor, lifestyle and budget. Catering to modern homes and businesses throughout South Africa, each piece we provide can only be described as an innovative work of art.

Extraordinary works of art that take their cue from military aviation history, our furniture range includes aviator stools, top grain leather aviator chairs, aluminium and leather aviator leisure chairs, aluminium and leather aviator sofas, 1-seater aviator chesterfields, 2-seater aviator chesterfields, 1- and 2-seater aviator leisure chairs with silver jet arms, 1- and 2-seater aviator leisure chairs with brass jet arms, and 1-seater aviator leisure chairs with black jet arms.

While staying true to modernism and a hint of classic undertones, with its distinctive look and modern feel, each piece is engineered to be unique, stylish, light, sleek, polished, and of the highest quality. With the belief that designer furniture should not have to come with an astronomical price tag – whether it’s vintage, modern, contemporary or aviator – we make it our priority to offer each and every piece at the most competitive price.

At Riverwalk Furniture, we provide homes and businesses throughout South Africa with the opportunity to experience innovative aviator furniture in its finest form. Browse our online catalogue today.

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