The Top Tips for Choosing Wooden Coffee Tables for Your Home 

Are you looking to gift your living room space with a new wooden coffee table, but you are not sure about the size or style? Considered as one of the main attractions of any living room, these small humble tables do so much more than just provide a usable space for coffee cups, wine glasses, flowers and snacks – they also add personality and character. As the blending element that pulls the entire room together – you need to make sure that it’s a good one.

While coffee tables are an important piece of every living room puzzle, finding the right one can be quite tricky. The question is which style will blend well with your furniture. Should it be big or small, and should it have additional storage? If you’re going to buy a coffee table, it has to fit in with your existing furniture and serve its function – otherwise, you may as well paint a wooden crate and turn it upside down. Putting all jokes aside, before you rush out and buy just any wooden coffee table – here are a few important tips to consider that will steer you in the direction of the perfect wooden coffee table for your home.

#1 Determine the Size of the Room and Height of the Coffee Table

As the last piece of the living room puzzle, chosen after all the seating, the first thing you need to do is determine the size you need. Start by measuring to see how much legroom you’ll need to move between your sofa and your media cabinet. If your space is small, then set aside 30 inches from the outer edge of the coffee table to the sofa and media cabinet. It’s also important to note that the surface of your coffee table must pair well with the surrounding seating, which is usually about 16 to 18 inches high.

#2 Must it Play a Supporting Role or be the Star of the Room

Coffee tables used to just be the places where we set our drinks or displayed our treasured books, but in today’s modern interiors, they are often the stars of the living rooms. However, if your living room is quite small, then it will do you good to consider a coffee table with more than one function. There are many wooden coffee tables that work as display areas for treasured books, flowers and mugs, and then there are also coffee tables that have storage inside or underneath them. If you’re looking for a coffee table that can play both a supporting role and be the star of the room, then choose a wooden coffee table that is multifunctional.

Finding the perfect wooden coffee table does not have to be an overwhelming task, you can make it fun at Riverwalk Furniture. As one of the leading furniture trendsetters in South Africa, we are well known for our wild heritage teak rooted coffee tables. To assure the perfect fit for your décor and living room space, we also offer coffee tables that are finished with mansonia wood or a walnut veneer at a more affordable price.

At Riverwalk Furniture, our wooden coffee tables can offer any living room a complete and exclusive look. Take the time to view our full range of wooden coffee tables, or for a personal shopping experience, visit our showroom in Pretoria

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