It’s 2017 and the Spotlight is on Luxury Designer Furniture

Are you looking to ditch the old and bring in the new? We don’t blame you. It’s a new year and gone are the days of outdated cabinets, coffee tables, and heavily stuffed and styled sofas. Yes, it’s 2017, which means it’s time to look forward and not backwards, and to meet our diverse, demanding and futuristic lifestyles, the new trend in furniture design is none other than luxury designer furniture. If you’re looking to transform your home or office with furniture made for the future, here’s exactly what you can expect from the luxury designer furniture at Riverwalk Furniture.

Simple Clean Lines and Geometric Shapes

It’s the 21st century and the world has seen many furniture styles evolve throughout the ages. Borrowing many of its design aesthetics from mid-century modern, Italian modern, and other modern styles and eras, we’ve moved away from “complicated” and are seeing more simple clean lines and geometric shapes such as circles, rectangles and squares. Yes, simplicity has become the new trend in every modern-day home and office. Using the least to achieve the most – anyone can achieve a stylish and sophisticated space with just a few pieces of luxury designer furniture from Riverwalk Furniture.

Functional Innovative Designs

The industrialisation of furniture design has taken over the interior design market with new innovations launched each and every day. Superseding the norm with designs and styles that offer features that were never thought possible – our luxury designer furniture has the command to dictate the style and image of any interior it graces. Having moved into an era where our living spaces have become smaller, our luxury designer furniture is all about innovation and functionality, making full use of space, while fulfilling more than one function.

Natural Materials and Textures

Fusing natural materials with extraordinary forms, we’re breaking all the rules when it comes to creating furniture. Innovative in both functionality and style, not only has this furniture breed been designed to look like innovative works of art, but it also offers superior comfort. Moving away from traditional heavy wooden furniture and embracing progressive lightweight materials, such as chromatic metals, glass, and the most opulent variety of industrialised textiles, vinyl, and genuine textured superior leathers, our wide range of luxury designer furniture presents furniture that is portable and easy to move around.

The Trendsetters of Luxury Designer Furniture

Renowned for pushing boundaries, while still staying true to both modernism and tradition, we believe in looking forward to the future, rather than looking backwards to the past, and have taken the art of luxury designer furniture to the next level. Known for our subtle and urban appeal, we provide homes and offices throughout South Africa with the opportunity to experience innovative, stylish, functional, light and comfortable furniture.

When it comes to our luxury designer furniture, every precision-engineered piece is unique, sleek, free-flowing, polished and geometric. For the best in luxury designer furniture, browse our online furniture catalogue, place your order, and we will deliver your furniture right to your door.

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