Designer Furniture for the Modern Home or Business

Are you looking to give your home’s furniture a facelift, or what about give your office a complete makeover? As one of the most important aspects of any interior space, your choice of furniture is more than just an essential part of your home or office. It is a sizeable investment that paints a thousand words about your values and your lifestyle. If you’re on the fence about whether you should go traditional antique or modern design – here’s what modern designer furniture can offer you.

Minimalism – The New Breed of 21st-Century Living

While grandeur may once have been the primary feature when designing furniture back in the 80’s, today, more than ever, there is no denying that mid-century modern is back in vogue. Streamlined with smooth, sleek and polished surfaces, and fuelled on inspiration from the modernist movement, the key feature of modern, designer furniture is minimalism. Yes, minimalism is the new breed of furniture for 21st-century living, and today’s designer furniture doesn’t disappoint.

Today, more than ever, modern homes and businesses demand furniture that can take up less space, while still providing comfort, style and minimal effort to maintain, which can only be found with modern designer furniture. A furniture style where form, function and fashion collide, each piece is precision engineered to be light, simple and functional, which are essential characteristics.

Using the least to achieve the most, all while staying true to comfort, when it comes to modern interior design, a few style defining pieces speak more than a room full of furniture. Yes, one of the greatest advantages of designer furniture is that anyone can fashion a trendy, stylish and sophisticated home with just a few pieces.

Multifunctional, Practical and Portable

A furniture style that takes full advantage of all the latest techniques used for its creation, modern furniture is a defined style that is recognisable by its clean interiors, geometric shapes, organic curves, clean architectural lines and contrasting materials. Designed to meet the needs of busy modern homes and businesses, as well as smaller living spaces, not only are the designs simple, but the pieces serve more than one purpose.

Engineered to nest, stack, fold or bend – modern furniture offers the luxury of additional hidden storage facilities, where odds and ends, books and electronics are always out of sight. Modern furniture embraces cutting-edge lightweight materials, such as aluminium, chromatic metals, glass, moulded plywood, preformed Perspex, reinforced tubular metal, and durable textiles, such as high-quality leathers, vinyl and art deco modern fabrics. Unlike heavy traditional furniture, these lightweight materials make this furniture style incredibly durable and far more portable than traditional furniture.

Whether you’re furnishing your home or office, you can find modern furniture just about everywhere, but when it comes to modern designer furniture, there are a few luxury furniture trendsetters, suppliers and importers that you can rely on, one being Riverwalk Furniture in Pretoria. Greatly influenced by the art movement, not only does our designer furniture add form, function, practicality and comfort to a space, but it also adds style and personality. View our full range of designer furniture and place your order, or visit our showroom in Pretoria for a personal shopping experience.

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