Make a Style Statement with Designer Couches from Riverwalk Trading

Are you looking to make a style statement in your business or home? Then you need to trade that old 90’s three-seater for something modern, stylish and super comfortable. A prominent piece of furniture that stands out, whether fabric or leather, there’s no better way to complement, change or complete a living room, office, reception area or entertainment area than by investing in a gorgeous designer couch.

A Symbol of Class, Luxury and Sophistication

A trend among urban loft-living fashionistas, businesses and modern homes, designer couches have taken centre stage. Originating from the 1900’s modernist movement, these accent pieces are the ideal option to enhance the chic appeal and image of any contemporary interior that they grace. Superseding traditional wooden styles and focussing more on the concept that form should serve its purpose after comfort – the revolutionised 21st-century modern designer couch is a defined style where form, function and fashion collide to create sleek and stylish interiors. A prominent piece of furniture that stands out as a unique piece of art, these beautiful accent pieces are not only a symbol of class, luxury and sophistication, but they also give the illusion of space, offering a minimalistic tone to any room that they grace.

South Africa’s Leading Suppliers and Importers of Luxury Couches

As the focal point of any living room and as that one piece of furniture that should allow you to kick back in style, you should make your choice very carefully. But with so many different furniture stores to choose from, where does one start? That’s easy, start with the luxury couches at Riverwalk Trading. Whether you’re looking to give your business reception area a complete makeover, or whether you’re looking to beautify your living room, dining room or entertainment area – if it’s sophistication, functionality and comfort you are looking for, then look no further than our exquisite selection of designer couches at Riverwalk Furniture. Recognising a need for Italian-inspired, high-quality, modern luxury furniture – we are leading the way as South Africa’s top trendsetters, suppliers and importers of a wide range of high-quality, reasonably-priced designer couches.

Durable and Lightweight

Innovatively constructed out of reinforced tubular metals, aluminium, glass, preformed Perspex and moulded plywood, and fashioned in the most opulent variety of high-quality art deco fabrics, vinyl, and 100% quality genuine textured leathers, each and every one of our designer couches has been precision engineered to be durable and lightweight.

Appealing to the avant-garde consumer, our spectacular eye-catching couches have not only been designed to look like innovative works of art, but they also offer sleek lines and elegant clean curves that are almost impossible to compete with. Take your pick from modern L-shaped corner couches, modular sectionals, chesterfields, loveseats and mid-century modern three-seater couches.

Whether you’re looking for a red or white leather mid-century two- or three-seater, a brown leather chesterfield, an art-deco loveseat or chaise lounge, or a cream, white or black sectional corner couch, we have the right size, shape, material and colour to suit your budget, image and style. Whatever type of designer couch you’re looking for, you will find them all at Riverwalk Furniture.

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