Leisure Chairs - Modern FurnitureEvery piece of furniture that you have in the home plays a role in the overall look and feel that you achieve. If you have opted to create a modern, yet comfortable interior, you will need to choose the right modern furniture pieces to complete the look and feel. There are many advantages to choosing a modern appeal for your home and as a result, many people opt for this style. Below are a few tips to selecting modern furniture pieces that are right for you and your home.

Always ensure that you are selecting furniture pieces that are built to last. Only invest in furniture brands that you can trust and that have a good reputation on the market. This doesn’t mean that you should never trust new brands, but just make sure that you scrutinise the furniture item and the workmanship involved, before you make a decision or purchase.  Modern furniture pieces will offer clean, non-fussy lines, so keep an eye out for these. Also, always test the furniture – sit on it, lie down on it, make sure that you will enjoy making use of the item and that any upholstery included is of a good quality.

Dimensions are vitally important to consider. Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing your dream couch only to discover that it is too big for the space you have available or cannot fit through the doors of your home. Before you head out furniture shopping, measure the space that you have available and the entrances to the home and rooms.

Colour schemes are also an important consideration when modern furniture shopping. You will want the new piece of furniture to fit in with and complement the other features in the room, so bare this in mind when you are browsing around. If you are visiting various furniture stores, take a picture of the room/s that you are redecorating with you. Snap one on your phone and refer to it when considering colours, placements, textures and so on. You will be surprised at how helpful this can be.

Always remember to consider maintenance and care of the furniture product that you are buying. Luckily, modern furniture pieces are typically easy to clean and maintain by design, but it’s really your living situation and lifestyle that will dictate what furniture piece you buy. For instance, if you have pets and young children, you probably shouldn’t purchase a bright white fabric sofa. Being realistic and practical in your furniture decisions will certainly pay off in the long run. Sofas, tables, chairs and similar items of modern furniture are long-term investments and must be treated as such – consider everything before making decisions.

If you are shopping around for modern furniture pieces to complete the look and appeal of your home, you have come to just the right place. We are confident that our range of modern furniture options at Riverwalk Trading will not disappoint. Take the time to browse through our range in our online store or pay a visit to our showroom in Gateway Industrial Park in Pretoria. Feel free to contact us via email or telephone at any time too.

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