Chesterfields ChairFurniture shopping is something that should be exciting, but with the multitude of options on the market and with prices and products being so competitive, the process can become overwhelming and tiring. If you want to ensure that the fun and excitement isn’t ripped out of the process, consider shopping for your furniture pieces at an online furniture store. The wonders of the internet never really cease to amaze and with so many options being available, perhaps you will have an easier time making product comparisons and viewing actual pieces online, than you will have if you traipse from one local furniture store to the next.

What does an online furniture store offer you that a regular store doesn’t? Shopping online for furniture offers the following perks, benefits and conveniences:

  • Online shopping provides the opportunity to quickly and effectively compare prices between the top competitors on the market.
  • You can quickly sift out rare or unique pieces from the mass produced ranges.
  • Shopping online means that you are not only limited to the pieces available in your local area. Most online stores in the country will have your furniture item delivered to you, regardless of where you are in South Africa.
  • Online furniture stores often offer discounts, specials and limited offers that regular stores cannot.
  • You can find and pay for your new furniture quickly and securely online, and have the item delivered without having to leave the comfort of your home or office – that’s convenient!
  • You will typically be able to view furniture items in all of the shades and finishes at an online furniture store, whereas regular stores will only be able to show you the items that they have on their showroom floor.

At Riverwalk Trading in Gauteng, we offer our clients the option of visiting our showroom or making use of our convenient online furniture store. Our range is known for its durability and value for money and those who have bought furniture from us before are more than confident about completing their next furniture purchase online. Our online store is jam-packed with information and specifications on each item, and if you have any questions or concerns, simply drop us an email or give us a call, and one of our sales consultants will help you out.

Our online range caters to sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables, beds, outdoor furniture, sculptures and decorative items, lighting, baby furniture and so much more. Absolutely everything you need to know about your options can be found on our website and we hope that you will find the online shopping process as convenient and simple as we do.


When looking for the ideal online furniture store to support, take the time to discover our range at Riverwalk Trading. You will find that our product range is extensive and our prices competitive. If you have any queries or require more product information, feel free to send us an email or give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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