How to Choose the Right Sofa for You from a Myriad of Sofas for Sale

There’s a multitude of options and choices in life, and it is much the same when it comes to choosing the right sofa for you and your family. With a myriad of sofas for sale on the market, it can seem a little overwhelming to settle on just one. A sofa, settee, couch, or whatever you like to call it, is a major investment and so special care and attention should be taken to ensure that you are choosing one that will last a lifetime. A good quality couch or sofa should last you many years – it’s not really something to be replaced each year.

Below are a few tips and pointers to assist you in choosing the right sofas for sale:

  • Check the frame of the sofa – long lasting sofas will have a sturdy frame. Ask the supplier what type of material the frame is made from. Some frames made from certain metals and certain woods might warp, so do a little investigating before you make a decision. Check to see that the legs are a part of the frame. They should not just be glued on. Any joins for the legs are best done with wooden dowels or screws.
  • Make inquiries about the joinery – all joinery must be connected by solid connectors, such as dowels, brackets, metal screws, wooden corner blocks or even double wooden dowels. While staples, glue and nails are great extra reinforcements, they aren’t suitable for being the sole methods of joinery with a sofa.
  • Give the springs a test – sofas can have various types of springs. The most common are serpentine springs, which are pre-assembled units of snaking wire, and 8-way hand-tied springs. Hand-tied springs are typically more expensive, and can be found in high-end sofas. Feel the springs of the sofa through the fabric as much are possible. You want the springs to feel firm and spaced close together for comfortable support. When shopping around, don’t be shy to sit down on the sofa to test the firmness of the spring. Keep your ears open for any squeaking or funny spring noises, as this can often be an indication of poorly placed or inferior quality springs.
  • It’s all about the foam – make sure that your sofa’s foam filling is of a high quality. If it feels too soft, imagine how it will cope with many years of wear and tear. High resilient foam will provide a firm and comfortable surface.
  • Check the fabric – the fabric of your couch is its first line of defence. It is also the surface that you will have to look at and feel every day. Leather is of course a winner, but other fabrics can be good too. Popular choices include cotton, linen and synthetic microfiber

These are just a few tips to use when shopping for the ideal sofas for sale. If you would like to encounter a stylish and top-quality range of sofas, take the time to get in touch with us at Riverwalk Trading. We are available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements.

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