Leather Sofas Available at Affordable Prices at Riverwalk Trading – The Dos and Don’ts of Leather Care

Purchasing a leather sofa is in fact an investment, but just because a leather couch is an investment, it doesn’t mean that it has to cost an arm and a leg. At Riverwalk Trading, we present a range of leather sofas to the market that is available at affordable prices. If you want to keep your new investment in excellent condition, there are a few maintenance and care practices that you can follow. While leather is known to be durable and long lasting, it still needs to be treated with care to ensure that it remains in excellent condition.

Leather sofas can age quite gracefully, if properly treated. The following dos and don’ts will put you in a great position to keeping your sofas soft, supple and comfortable.

What not to do when maintaining leather sofas:

  • Don’t neglect your leather sofa. Many people think that because their sofa is leather that it will take care of itself. This is incorrect! With no care, your leather couch’s life span will be greatly reduced.
  • Don’t let stains get too comfortable. Yes, leather furniture doesn’t stain like other fabrics do, but spills should still be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Use a soft and dry cloth to blot spills. Alternatively, a slightly damp cloth can be used for tougher spills.
  • Don’t use any cleaning products on your leather sofa without carrying out a spot test first. Some detergents can stain or damage the leather, so choose a small area out of sight and test the product before using it on a bigger area.

What to do when maintaining leather sofas:

  • Take the time to dust and vacuum your leather sofa regularly. This will help your leather couch look rich and vibrant. It will also eliminate dust and dirt from sticking in the cracks and creases.
  • Cover up your leather sofa. You can use throws and blankets when the couch is in use and light sheets when it’s not in use. This keeps dust and dirt at bay and will also protect your couch from potential sun damage. If you have pets and kids, the covers can also help to avoid tears, scuffs and marks.
  • Spend some time nourishing and conditioning your leather sofa. Leather sofas need refreshing and rejuvenating from time to time. There are various “hide food” products on the market that can be used to treat your leather sofa.

These are just a few tips on how to care for your leather sofas. Of course, when shopping for affordable prices on leather sofas, all you need to do is pay a visit to us at Riverwalk Trading. We will ensure that you are presented with a range of sofas to consider at prices that are designed to meet with the needs of a variety of individuals, couples and families.

If you would like to spruce up your home with the finest quality leather sofas on the market, Riverwalk Trading is just the place to go. Contact us via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements with us today.

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