Transform Your Home with the Interior Design Team at Riverwalk Trading

At Riverwalk Trading, our interior design team has a realistic approach to the process. While it’s great to look at magazines and see pristine homes featuring elegant items of furniture, it’s not very realistic. In the real world we have to deal with pets, children and our general busy lifestyles that can quickly turn a pristine home into a warzone.

Life happens to all of us and when decorating any room in the home, it is important to remember that. Yes, it is possible to achieve the same appeal that you see in the magazines, but your furniture choices will need to be such that the items you choose can handle the type of living environment that they are being introduced to. This means that you will need to carefully consider the type of furniture you are buying, what fabric is used, what frame construction is used, the actual shape and appeal of the item and so on.

When meeting with our interior design team at Riverwalk Trading, you can expect for us to focus on a variety of functions. The planning process is the first step and this is where we will work with you to settle on a budget, furnishing style and the functional needs of the family. We need to realise your vision for your home so that we can effectively help you to achieve it. The next phase is conceptualisation. This is where we strategically plan who we will achieve the desired look and feel of the room. Interior sketches detailing flooring patterns, layout, finish selections, colour choices and so on all form part of this particular phase.

Once we have all of these details organised, we need to ensure that you can achieve a form-meets-function setup in your home. We know how you want everything to look, but will this new look suit the needs and requirements of all inhabitants of your home? At this stage we can draw up some preliminary documentation that presents the proposed interior design to the client. This is an overview of what will take place including estimates. Once we have the go-ahead from the client, we can get to work!

You can make your dream home a reality with the professional assistance of an experienced interior design team. Redecorating or designing the interior of your home should be handled much like a project. Ensure that all potential risks and outcomes are considered before you get to work and make sure that your budget is in place. At Riverwalk Trading, we focus our attention on ensuring that our clients achieve the home of their dreams while still advising them on the best options to follow. We want your home to look great and be absolutely comfortable too.

If you would like to learn more about Riverwalk Trading and the services offered by our in-house interior design team, take the time to get in touch with us today. We are available via email or telephone and look forward to assisting you with your interior design needs.

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