Why Buy From the Online Riverwalk Furniture Store?

When looking for modern furniture to add to your home or guesthouse, do you really have the time to visit store after store? Even when you do in-store shopping, the furniture pieces on the floor are only samples and you still have to go through the ordering process.

As such, you have spent money on travelling and parking, while you could have just bought the desired furniture from a reputable online furniture store. In addition, the time that it takes to visit the stores and difficulty in comparing one store’s offerings with that of another is simply not worth the effort.

With most in-store shopping taking place during the weekends, you can expect traffic, difficulty in finding parking and then you still have to navigate your way through all the shoppers. In-store displays rarely have the exact measurements of the furniture and you cannot immediately see in which colours the furniture pieces are available. All of the above will increase your frustration level. At the end of the day, you simply buy pieces of furniture because you are tired of shopping and not because you have carefully selected items based on measurements and how the pieces will fit in with your home’s style.

By ordering from a reputable online furniture store, you regain control over the shopping experience. You can browse at your own pace. Use the available information, such as measurements, materials used and colour options, to carefully plan which pieces to buy. In addition, you can use the opportunity to check for specials and can read through the terms and conditions at your leisure. You are thus more relaxed when making a buying decision and can do so without the pressure from a sales person.

The payment process is straightforward and you can easily identify the delivery dates. You get to specify colours and the materials of choice. With the full spectrum of furniture pieces available and organised in categories, you are not influenced by a single layout example. The online furniture store normally offers images of the items as standalone units and within applications. This helps you to form a better idea of how the furniture can work in your home setting.

Where to Buy?

We offer you the opportunity to view our full range through our easy-to-navigate website. What’s more is that you have access to the site 24/7 and are thus not limited to store hours. We believe in the provision of complete information and thus provide you with pictures, prices, measurements, customisation options and delivery information. You will also note that we run regular specials, giving you the opportunity to save money without having to compromise on quality.

You can place your order when you are ready. We provide a range of customisation options and provide you with flexible payment options including:

  • Credit card payment using our secure payment system.
  • Cash with a 50% deposit and 50% upon delivery of the furniture.
  • Lay-buy where you have up to six months interest free to pay in equal monthly instalments.

View our range and place your order from the comfort of your home.

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