Choosing Modern High Quality Vinyl Sofas

We believe in the provision of adequate information to help our clients make informed buying decisions. In light of this we provide a basic introduction and a few tips regarding the selection vinyl sofas below.

The main types of vinyl fabric that can be distinguished:

  • Non-backed
  • Expanded
  • Non-expanded

Non-backed vinyl is used mostly in vehicle trimmings and upholstery applications. The expanded vinyl is used in furniture upholstery. Once the vinyl is treated with a chemical polymer and backing added the vinyl becomes suitable for upholstery applications.

Non-expanded vinyl usually has a backing made from fabric cloth which can be a polyfill, flannel or linen. The non-expanded vinyl is used in applications such as the making of table cloths or even low usage bar chairs. If the non-expanded vinyl is used for furniture it will be essential to re-upholster every few years. Expanded backed vinyl is well-suited for furniture that will be used often and as such a contract grade is used for maximum durability. These types often feature textured surfaces.

The marine vinyl or expanded-back commercial type of vinyl is extra strong and well-suited for outdoor or boat furniture manufacturing. This type of vinyl is also used for patio furniture. When you select one of the vinyl sofas in our collection you will benefit from the exceptional beauty of the sofas in addition to high quality that ensures longevity of the seating surfaces.

Choosing the Style

As mentioned earlier, our furniture style is modern, yet functional. If you thus want to modernise your home interior, you’ll love our range of sofas. Each sofa is made to be functional and provides endless comfort.

Size of the Sofa

Before you buy a sofa consider the available space. Choose a size that will ensure that the sofa will not overwhelm the room interior even if it is the centre piece. You want enough walking space around the sofa. First measure the area where it will be placed and use the information to compare the available space with the sizes available from us. You’ll find that we provide the exact dimensions of each couch or sofa, making it easier for you to choose the sofa that will fit in the space of choice.

Choosing the Colour

We offer you a wide range of colour and texture options. If the sofa will be used in the family room, we suggest an earthy or textured colour. You can also opt for a darker colour while the lighter colour sofas are well-suited for spaces where pet traffic will be at minimum. Don’t be afraid to choose a brighter or unique colour as such will help to brighten up the room and will fit in well with an eclectic styled interior.

Riverwalk Furniture imports, manufactures and distributes a full range of modern furniture including leather and vinyl couches and sofas. Because of our extensive range you can purchase all the furniture for your home at one supplier and benefit from competitive prices, superb service and manufacturing guarantees. View our range and place your order today.

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