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Furnishing a home is an exciting prospect and the choices available to homeowners today are far more numerous than at any other time in the past. In better times, we tend to pay far less attention to the price tags, concentrating instead on the quality of our purchases. Today, in the wake of the recent worldwide financial recession, many South Africans have found it necessary to reverse those former priorities. Fortunately, there is at least one retailer that is still positioned to deliver the highest quality modern furniture at very competitive prices.


Consider for a moment, the requirements for furnishing a lounge. A sofa to accommodate between two and four people, and a couple of armchairs would probably be the usual starting point. Thereafter, the other common items of lounge furniture needed may include coffee tables, casual tables to support a reading lamp, display and TV cabinets, an ottoman and maybe a mirror or two. While some may prefer fabric coverings for their lounge suite, others will favour leather. When buying your modern furniture from us, at Riverwalk Furniture, you can expect to find the widest range of designs, in the materials of your choice, under a single roof.

Quality Ensures Durability

No one can deny that the cost of a full set of lounge furniture is likely to prove significant, but with all such important purchases, it is far more important to focus on the value of the items. Cheaper products are far less likely to stand up to years of wear and tear, particularly in families with younger children. Choosing a better quality of modern furniture in the first place will certainly rule out the need to replace it after just a few years, and will therefore prove to be cheaper and a far better investment in the longer term.


A coffee table or cabinet crafted from natural wood is not only a thing of beauty, but is also tough and durable. With just the minimum of care, such items can and do last a lifetime and, in some cases, may even be enjoyed by successive generations and still remain both saleable and desirable.

Fashionable Elegance and Exceptional Choice on a Budget

Is it really possible to find quality furnishings for the lounge or, indeed, for any other room in your home that are elegant, well-made and yet still reasonably affordable? The short answer is yes! At Riverwalk Furniture, we have been supplying South African homeowners with perfectly-crafted and beautifully designed modern furniture for years and, in the process, our brand has become a household name, as well as a symbol of guaranteed superb quality and exceptional value.


Our goal has always been and will always remain, to provide our customers with the widest possible choice, the highest standards of quality and the best possible value for money. Whether your taste is for the traditional or extends to the more contemporary, there is a huge range of eye-catching and expertly crafted modern furniture from which to find the perfect choices to suit your lounge, your dining room, your bedroom and even your study.

When shopping for affordable modern furniture of class and quality, be sure to contact us first.

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