Caring for Leather Couches in the Correct Way

As with everything in life, prevention is better than cure, so to start caring properly for your leather couches, you need to ensure that it is properly protected. Protection for leather couches comes in the form of a chemical treatment that provides a water resistant layer that minimises and even prevents the absorption of liquid spills into the leather.

By taking good care of your leather couches, you can ensure longevity of the items and thus appealing furniture that will be an enhancement to the overall look and feel of your living room. Some tips are provided below to help you care for your leather furnishings in the best possible way.

Protective Treatment

By treating your leather couches with special agents to protect against the penetration of liquid and food spills, you can minimise the effect of a spill. One must, however, ensure that a spill is immediately cleaned up, as even protection will not safeguard full grain leather against the effects of spillage, if not immediately treated. Remove spill residue with a soft dry cloth that can absorb the majority of the spill. It is important not to wipe the spill so much, but rather allow the paper towel or absorbent cloth to simply touch the liquid, thereby absorbing the spill. Wiping can force the liquid deeper into the leather upholstery, causing damage to the upholstery.

For spills of a more solid nature, you will need to first scoop the matter away before attempting to clean the leather couch. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to remove the rest of the matter after scooping away the bulk of the mess. This should also be done as soon as possible, especially where there is some liquid involved with the solid matter that can dry and then become more difficult to remove.

Any dirt that does become dried on and cannot be removed with a dry or damp cloth will require a leather cleaner. Do not choose inexpensive leather cleaners, as these could do damage to your couches. Rather find out from your local cleaning supplier what types of cleaners are recommended to clean the different types of leather.

Direct Sunlight Exposure

Leather couches should never be exposed to direct sunlight. As such, ensure that the couches are placed in areas where there are blinds or double curtains. You do not want sun damage to create a worn appearance, which is what will happen when exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period. Sunlight causes the drying out of the leather, which can lead to cracks in the surface.

Keeping Cushions in Good Condition

No doubt, normal daily usage will cause some dirt on the cushions of a leather couch. You will want to prevent dust build-up, by applying leather food to the cushion surfaces two to four times a year, depending on how frequently the couch is used. This will ensure that the leather stays supple. Also ensure regular puffing of cushions, by patting them against each other. By doing so, the seating area will be well-spread and it will also help to prevent leather damage because of constant seating pressure on one area.

Now that you know how best to care for leather couches, you can browse through our catalogue of quality sofas and find the perfect leather couches to compliment your lounge setup.

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