Some Furniture Manufacturers Still Offer Quality

Unemployment, higher fuel and power prices, rising debt and credit restrictions are just some of the consequences of the recent global recession and although South Africa appears to be on the road to recovery, the journey remains an arduous one as businesses continue to struggle in the face of higher costs and falling demand. In such a scenario, one of the first things to be sacrificed as an aid to survival is often quality and among those that appear to have adopted this policy are a number of the country’s furniture manufacturers.

These include new entries into the market that often work from cheap rented premises and make use of poorly skilled labour. Although they may succeed in producing lower priced products, it is only at the expense of quality and such items will normally offer their buyers only a fairly short life expectancy. By contrast, some of the more established factories still attempt to maintain their high standards, but the need to operate through wholesalers imposes certain practical limits on such goals.

Among furniture manufacturers that have succeeded in maintaining both exceptional quality, while continuing to provide good value for money is Riverwalk Trading.While it is likely that there will always be a market for cheap pine units, sold in flat packs for home assembly, the desire for elegant, expertly crafted and long-lasting furniture has endured for many centuries, and is certain to continue for many more. This fact has served to make it even more desirable and, in turn, has helped to identify Riverwalk Trading as offering exceptional value for money, when compared with the nation’s many other furniture manufacturers.

Customers Want More Choice

When furnishing a home, many factors need to be considered. The size of the family, the shape of any given room and the likely amount of wear are all important considerations when making choices. While a two to three seater sofa may be perfect for a newly married couple, a family is likely to require something larger. While some rooms lend themselves to corner units, others simply don’t. Fabric for the lounge and leather for the study; the choices to be made are often numerous. Among furniture manufacturers, we are renowned for our exceptionally wide range of choices.

At Riverwalk Trading, we stock an exclusive selection of living room, dining room, bedroom and baby furniture. We also offer wooden furniture and various trendy accessories.

We will be able to offer you the following items and options:

  • Sofas, chairs and couches – this range includes both leather and fabric pieces. They are available in 2 piece, 3 piece and 4 piece units. Corner units are also available.
  • Dining room tables, decorative items and lighting solutions – all of these items will serve to enhance your dining room area.
  • Baby furniture – this includes beds, cupboards, drawers and chairs. This range is guaranteed to provide functional children’s rooms.
  • Bedroom furniture – beds, headboards and night tables make up this particular range. These items will give your room a modern yet comfortable and cosy feel.
  • Coffee tables, TV cabinets and lamp tables – these provide beautiful finishing touches to your living room.

Waste no more time looking for a furniture manufacturer that will match up to the reliability and quality that we are able to offer you. Contact us, at Riverwalk Trading, for more information and advice on our manufactured and imported furniture today.

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