Quality Kids’ Furniture for the Modern Home and Child

Are you expecting a baby or simply want to refurnish your toddler’s room? Selecting the right furniture for your kids to fit your home, budget, style, and safety as well as functionality requirements can be a daunting task.

Fortunately the Riverwalk Trading sales people are experienced furniture consultants and will be able to assist you in selecting the right furniture to meet your particular requirements for your kid’s room. You can also view and order the furniture online under our Baby Furniture section. The prices are reasonable and quality is superior.

A few tips are shared below to help you in the selection of kid’s furniture and thus make the task just a little easier.

Age of the Child

It is imperative to select age-appropriate furniture. Any bed or chair that is too high can become a safety hazard. Don’t buy an item to fit the child for years to come if it can endanger the wellbeing of your child. Rather invest in an item that is appropriate for the next two years and provide your child with optimal comfort and safety.

Ergonomic Design Principles

Don’t compromise on comfort and functionality for the sake of saving a few Rands. Your child deserves your best and by giving them furniture that is comfortable and designed according to ergonomic principles, you also prevent injuries.

Styled for a Child

What we think looks amazing and what a child experiences is not always the same. You will want items that go together, fit neatly in the room and be attractive also to your child.

Height Considerations

Never buy furniture that is too high for a toddler. With this in mind buy furniture that is low enough in height to be usable for a two year old and a six year old at the same time.

Easy Maintenance

Every little corner or circle can be high maintenance. You want furniture that will not attract debris in small corners which will facilitate the growth of bacteria. Choose furniture that can be wiped clean since little hands are often sticky and can definitely affect the aesthetic appeal of furniture surfaces.

Light Up the Room

Children love sunshine and light. By investing in lighter colours you help to brighten up the nursery or kids’ room.

No Sharp Edges

Avoid furniture that has exceptionally sharp corners, large holes where little hands, heads or legs can fit through and get stuck and any items that have complicated parts which can get little fingers pinched.


Buy the entire room’s furniture from one supplier to ensure that you know what the quality is, to save money and to ensure a coherent look and feel.

Buy Quality

Children can be hard on furniture and even though they can outgrow the furnishings quickly, you will be better off paying slightly more for good quality furniture that can last for years than compromising on quality. Once your children outgrow the furniture, you can pass it on to friends or family. You can even keep such in the store room for their children.

View our range of kids’ furniture and contact us for assistance or to place your order. We also welcome showroom visits.

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