Top Features of Modern Furniture

Modern furniture, often called contemporary styled furniture, features smooth lines and minimalistic design elements focussing on the aesthetic appeal, functionality and the space in which it is used. With contemporary styles the overall room designs are also considered. The main features of these furnishings are briefly discussed below to help you decide whether contemporary furnishings will fit your home, office and lifestyle requirements.

Line & Texture

Asymmetrical designs form an integral part of the modern styling. You will find sofas with unique curving and straight edges with no frills, special decorations or excessive woodwork. The comfort chairs are characterised by elegant lines. Don’t expect any ornamentation. You are more likely to see a mono colour sofa with no arms and rectangle or square cushioning rather than the deep seating rounded sofas of the eighties.

Texture & Materials

There is a significant break from the past when we look at the texture. Expect to find smooth texture as opposed to coarse textured fabrics. Leather, vinyl and smooth fabrics are used, all of which can be cleaned easily, indicative of the age in which we live in, where time for cleaning ornamentation and furnishings is limited.

Chrome and glass are occasionally used, in addition to metal, whilst it is not unusual to see only fabric. Elements are every so often mixed, bringing the fusion trend into play. What you will not find are materials with patterns. The focus is rather on the creation of flat surface areas to underline simplistic designs.

Colour Usage

Modern furniture doesn’t have a mixture of colours. Brown is seldom used, but black, bright white, grey, red and bright colours can be expected. Where a neutral colour furniture piece is prominent it is often accompanied by bright accessories. Interior design focuses on either creating stark contrasts with neutral backgrounds and bright or dark furniture or the contrasting of two strong colours. White is a popular colour for couches, while black seems to be the leader when it comes to coffee tables.


Modern living is fast and whereas the formal lounge area was prominent in the eighties and even nineties; many modern homes have open plan areas with no formal lounge. In such instances the lounge suite is designed to have a formal character, but exceptional comfort and a layout that supports viewing of a television screen. In some instances, you will see a complete lounge suite in one piece with a sleeper couch on one or both sides. This makes provision for watching television in the same style as lying on a bed. It also provides you with additional sleeping space for guests without having to furnish a guestroom for the purpose. With such suites, sleepovers are facilitated while space savings are gained.

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