Top Six Tips on Selecting Modern Bed Headboards

Bed headboards were originally used to protect sleepers from cold drafts because the rooms were not as well insulated as in modern times. With cold air blowing over the head of the sleeper, one can just imagine the discomfort experienced without a headboard. Today, however, most bed headboards serve the purpose of completing the bed and integrating it into the rest of the room décor style. That being said, functionality still plays an important role.

We stock an extensive range of stylish, high quality and functional bed headboards for the modern home. Since we want you to be happy with your choice for years to come, we share a few tips below on choosing the headboard that meets your requirements.

1.   Budget

As always, budget should be your first concern. Decide how much you are willing to spend on the headboard before you start browsing. You will notice that we run regular specials, giving you more opportunity to save. If the headboard is the only piece of furniture you are looking for, allocate more money to it. If, however, you plan on redecorating the entire room, also consider the cost of linen, curtains or blinds, floor covering, paint, lighting, bed mattress, ottoman, side drawers and related furnishings.

2.   Ceiling Height

Measure the height from the floor to the ceiling. For a lower ceiling, you will want to opt for a lower headboard and the opposite applies for a higher ceiling.

3.   Material Selection

We have stunning upholstered headboards of which some are made from fabric, others from vinyl and still more from leather. Many of the headboards have buttoned effects whilst others have straight lines or simplistic designs. Decide on the colour choice and the material that will fit the style of your room.

4.   Functionality

The function, though no longer to protect the head against cold wind, should still be considered. If you are the type of person that likes to read in bed or wants to watch television in your room, then you will want a higher headboard to provide adequate support when you sit upright.

5.   Height of Sleepers

Although it is perhaps not the most important concern, you should think about the height of the sleepers when they sit upright. Since you will want the headboard to provide support for the head and back when in an upright position, it is essential to choose one that is high enough for the purpose.

6.   Aesthetic Appeal vs. Function

Decide whether aesthetic appeal or function is the most important. If the idea is to create interest, then you will take functionality as a secondary consideration. If you select the board for aesthetic purposes, then you want it to become the focus and to set the ambience for the entire room. It will be the centrepiece and you will thus want to ensure that people can see that you have put a great deal of thought into the choice.  For functionality considerations, you will consider the height of the sleepers, height of the pillows, whether it is wall mounted or attached to the bed, and whether you will be able to push the bed up to the wall without having an uncomfortable space between the mattress and the headboard.

Now that you know what to look for, browse our wide selection of bed headboards and order the one that fits your style, budget, functionality and aesthetic requirements.

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